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> Do We Take the Internet Seriously?
> Thomas Friedman asked a key question in his recent NY Times op-ed:  
> Eating Our Lunch.
> Being a tiny city-state of four million, Singapore is obsessed with  
> nurturing every ounce of talent of every single citizen. That is  
> why, although its fourth and eighth graders already score at the  
> top of the Timss international math and science tests, Singapore  
> has been introducing more innovations into schools. Its government  
> understands that in a flattening world, where more and more jobs  
> can go anywhere, it's not enough to just stay ahead of its  
> neighbors. It has to stay ahead of everyone - including us.
> Message to America: They are not racing us to the bottom. They are  
> racing us to the top.
> Friedman goes on to write that Singapore takes the internet  
> seriously, and by implication asks if we do too.
> Friedman, however, left off a very important question: Is the  
> internet for corporations or the people? Is it a force for  
> fossilization or a force for enabling the future?
> To put it another way: is the internet about the government working  
> as the hand maiden of the Hollywood cartel in a vain attempt to  
> stop evolution and lock us in the past, or is it about the  
> government working with the people to catalyze innovation and new  
> economic opportunities for our future?
> Continued at <http://www.greaterdemocracy.org/archives/000410.html>
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