[Air-l] The future of mobile iTV

Fiona Martin fmartin at scu.edu.au
Mon Sep 12 17:50:07 PDT 2005

Hi all,

You can view some newly launched Australian 
mobile content prototypes at 
<http://www.dlux.org.au/mobilejourneys/> ...and 
yes they do clearly remediate  the logics of 
genre, form etc.  As is the nature of developing 
media. In his Introductory History of British 
Broadcasting Andrew Crisell says in the first 
8-10 years of television broadcasting the BBC had 
little conception of the medium's potential.  Not 
surprising really, given our need to build new 
creative logics through processual or 
performative understandings. It's interesting for 
example to track Flash aesthetics developing (see 
Anna Munster 

There is a tendency, as Jeremy suggested, for 
productive relationships to be shaped by the 
political conditions of remediation - that is, we 
approach producing within the old team 
structures, with a previously useful skill set 
and suite of practices (budgets, deadlines, 
ethics etc) only to find that we need more money, 
more time, new code, more bandwidth, and better 
lawyers.  A few experiments later,  things start 
to get interesting...

In answer to Anxo's question - and this is 
somewhat unformed thought - I'd like to see 
current affairs content where users can post 
multimedia responses to local events/issues and 
pose challenges to politicians or bureaucrats, 
and games with a quest or 
participatory/collaborative focus rather than 
vote and dismiss.


>>As you probably know, several network operators in Europe are working hard
>>to provide soon TV broadcast across mobile phones.
>>I'd like to have your personal view (or just intuition) about the future of
>>mobile or pervasive iTV from the user experience point of view: how do you
>>imagine it should be and how you'd like to it be (applications, content,
>>interaction modalities...).
>>Thanks in advance,
>>Dr. Anxo Cereijo Roibás,
>>School of Computing, Mathematical
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