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Charles Ess cmess at drury.edu
Thu Sep 29 06:14:36 PDT 2005

Hi Ursula,

I don't know how broadly you want to take the "culture" thread - but in
addition to several past publications that have come out of the CATaC
(Cultural Attitudes towards Technology and Communication) conferences, e.g.:

The Electronic Journal of Communication / Le Revue Electronique de
Communication, Volume 12 Numbers 3 & 4, 2002

Technologies of Despair and Hope: CMC in the Middle East
A Special Issue of JCMC Edited by Charles Ess and Fay Sudweeks
Vol 8(2 - January) 2003

-- there will be two special issues coming out this fall:

Culture and Computer-Mediated Communication: Toward New Understandings,
Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication,. Vol. 11, No. 1
(this collects 10 studies that both apply and show the limits of using
Hofstede and Hall as frameworks for cross-cultural communication online,
ranging from websites to email, group support systems, etc.)

Special Issue on Communication,Culture and Praxis, Electronic Journal of
Communication/Revue Electronique de Communication, 15(1).
(this collects several papers that explore diverse notions of power and how
these manifest themselves - or not - in diverse online contexts and with a
view towards cultural differences).

I suspect that under the principles of fair use I could send you
pre-publication versions of the introductions to these (authored by Fay
Sudweeks and me - shameless self-promotion, I know) if they would help you
get a better sense of their contents.

viel Glück!
-- charles ess

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