[Air-l] public libraries adopting CTCs

Robert Cannon rcannon100 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 14 11:29:24 PST 2006

CTC's were originally funded by US HUD I believe. 
This led to the creation of the non profit CTCNet
which still exists.  Now that the HUD funding is gone,
CTC's explore for alternative means of funding. 

Differing projects in the context of libraries would
suggest tech centers funded by the FCC ERATE program. 
The ERATE program substantially supports telecom and
Internet access in schools and libraries - but
conditions that funding on compliance with the
Children's Internet Protection Act.  There are
additional conditions to ERATE funding such as turning
that technology into like a neighborhood ISP.  You
could not use ERATE I believe to set up for example a
municipal network based on Libraries - where you could
do something like that with CTCs.

So --- one distinction is funding and the restrictions
imposed by the different sources of fudning.  


--- Kevin Guidry <krguidry at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 12/12/06, Michel J. Menou
> <Michel.Menou at wanadoo.fr> wrote:
> >
> > What I'm wondering is whether this is an anomalous
> situation or part
> > of a larger trend.  I'm aware that numerous public
> libraries house
> > Community Technology Centers, but I have no
> information on how many of
> > these began life as independent projects and how
> many were library
> > initiatives from the start.
>    Can you please offer a working definition for
> "Community Technology
> Centers?"  I assume you are speaking of projects
> that differ
> appreciably from traditional computer labs or
> computing clusters.
> Pending a firm definition, there are two trends that
> may may relate to
> this topic:

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