[Air-l] Answering questions on mailing lists & general mailing list notes

Ellis Godard egodard at csun.edu
Sat Dec 16 11:55:26 PST 2006

It's not possible for the *default* to be reply-all but for those interested
in saving the costs of individual embarrassment (or, perhaps, those
knowingly less savvy) to be able to reconfigure, right?

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> The cost of individual embarassment, I argue is grossly 
> outweighed by  
> the mutual benefit of shared communal knowledge and community  
> building of the current settings.  It is clear to me that from any  
> individual perspective, who might feel individual harm, that 
> the harm  
> will always seem to outweigh the communal good, this is why we have  
> to be wary of the argument of individual harm, it is a variation of  
> the classic 'utility monster' problem of all arguments from 
> utility.   
> If someone feels so significantly more harmed or harmable than  
> others, then the community is left with no response, in pursuit of a  
> shared good defined in utility, than to modify their actions to the  
> period of no harm.  In fact, if harm is an issue, the slippery slide  
> is that we should just close the list, as that is the only way of  
> preventing the harm mentioned.
> The best way to solve the issue of harm from misposting is 
> two fold.   
> First we recognize that harm will occur, and when it does, we should  
> sympathize and care for the harmed as one of us, and help them  
> recover as best as we can.   The second best way is to encourage  
> people to be aware of the list settings, a 'list literacy' 
> campaign....
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