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Dear all:
We are excited to announce the call for papers for the first Mobile Communication Research Annual.  In conjunction with Transaction Publishers and a distinguished editorial board, we are requesting submissions in the area of "The Reconstruction of Space & Time through Mobile Communication Practices."
Rich Ling and Scott Campbell

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The text of the call for papers is as follows: 

Call for papers 

Transaction books 
and their series on Mobile communication 
(under the general editorship of James E. Katz), 
is proud to announce:

The Mobile Communication Research Annual: 
Volume I, The Reconstruction of Space & Time through Mobile Communication Practices

Rich Ling and Scott Campbell (eds.)
We seek the best and most interesting examples of relevant scholarship for our first volume of a projected series on the topic of mobile communication research. 
The volume's theme will be "The Reconstruction of Space and Time through Mobile Communication Practices." The proliferation of wireless and mobile communication technologies gives rise to important changes in how people experience space and time. These changes may be seen in many realms of social life, such as the transformation of public into private space and vice versa, the blurring of lines demarcating work and personal life, and new patterns of coordination and social networks. Recent scholarship has tried to make sense of these changes in space and time. For example, Manuel Castells argues that advances in telecommunications have contributed to new spatio-temporal forms, which he describes as "the space of flows" and "timeless time." According to Castells, these new forms mark a shift in the importance of the meaning of a place to the patterns of the de-sequenced, networked interactions that occur in that place. The purpose of this special issue is to continue and deepen the dialog on how space and time change as a result of the lower threshold for interaction due to mobile communication technologies. 
Abstracts of 200 words describing the proposed papers are due by 17 March 2006 with those accepted due in final form by 1 September 2006. Submissions may be in the form of empirical research studies or theory-building papers and should be 5 - 7000 words (in English). Papers are preferably new work but if material from other venues is available it will also be considered for publication.  Send your abstract to either Rich Ling or Scott Campbell.
About the editors:
Rich Ling (richard-seyler.ling at telenor.com) is a sociologist at Telenor's research institute located near Oslo, Norway and he has also been the Pohs visiting professor of communication studies at the University of Michigan. He is the author of the recently published book on the social consequences of mobile telephony entitled The Mobile Connection: The cell phone's impact on society and along with Per E. Pederson the editor of the book Mobile Communications: Renegotiation of the Social Sphere. He received his Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Colorado, Boulder in his native US. Upon completion of his doctorate, he taught at the University of Wyoming before coming to Norway on a Marshall Foundation grant. For the past ten years, he has worked at Telenor R&D and has been active in researching issues associated with new information communication technology and society with a particular focus on mobile telephony. He has led projects in Norway and participated in projects at the European level.
Scott Campbell (swcamp at umich.edu) is Assistant Professor and Pohs Fellow of Telecommunications in the Department of Communication Studies at the University of Michigan. His research explores the social implications of new media, with an emphasis on mobile communication practices. His recent studies have investigated cross-cultural trends, mobile phone use in social networks, and use of the technology in public settings. Scott's research has appeared / is forthcoming in Communication Monographs, Journal of Applied Communication Research, Communication Education, New Media & Society, Communication Research Reports, Qualitative Research Reports in Communication, and other scholarly venues. Prior to joining the University of Michigan in 2005, he worked in the US wireless industry, earned a Ph.D. from the University of Kansas, and spent three years teaching and conducting research at Hawaii Pacific University on the Hawaiian island of Oahu.
About the series editor:
James E. Katz is the director of the Center for Mobile Communication Studies at Rutgers University and author of Magic in the Air (Transaction, 2006). His edited or co-edited books include Perpetual Contact (with Mark Aakhus), Machines that Become Us, and Mediating the Human Body (with Leopoldina Fortunati and Raimonda Riccini). His next edited book, tentatively titled Mainstreaming mobiles: Wireless Communication and Social Change in a Global Context, will be published by MIT Press.
About the publisher:
Transaction Publishers, a leading independent publisher of social scientific books, periodicals and serials, is undertaking a new series of books on mobile communication. Transaction's mission is scholarly and professional inquiry into the nature of society. Located on the campus of Rutgers University in Piscataway, New Jersey, Transaction Publishers is dedicated to the expansion of the social sciences and is committed to the enhancement of public, professional and scholarly awareness by reaching the widest possible audience for work done by researchers. http://www.transactionpub.com/
Editorial board
Ken Anderson		Intel corporation, US
Naomi Baron 		American University, US
Manual Castells		Annenberg Center, University of Southern California, US/Spain
Akiba Cohen 		Tel Aviv University, Israel
Nicola Doering 		Ilmenau University of technology, Germany
Jonathan Donner		Microsoft Research - Bangalore, India/US
Gerard Goggin 		University of Sydney, Australia
Nicola Green		University of Surrey, UK
Leslie Haddon 		University of Essex, UK
Keith Hampton 		Annenberg School, University of Pennsylvania, US
Joachim Höflich 		Erfurt University, Germany
Mizuko Ito		Annenberg Center, University of Southern California, US/Japan
Shin Dong Kim		Hallym University, Republic of Korea
Ilpo Koskinen 		University of Art and Design, Helsinki, Finland
Patrick Law 		The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
Christian Licoppe 	Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications, France
Sonia Livingstone  	London School of Economics, UK
Steve Love 		Brunel University, UK
Kristóf Nyíri		Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary
Leysia Palen 		University of Colorado, US
Raul Pertierra 		University of the Philippines, Philippines
Madanmohan Rao 	Indian Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore, India
Anxo Roibas 		University of Brighton, UK/Italy
Harmeet Sawhney 	Indiana University, US
Gitte Stald 		University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Hidenori Tomita 		Bukkyo University, Japan
Jane Vincent 		University of Surrey, UK
Barry Wellman		University of Toronto, Canada
Peter B. White 		La Trobe University, Australia

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