[Air-l] history of Internet Studies?

Norman Clark clarkne at appstate.edu
Sun Feb 12 18:24:23 PST 2006

I have a student who is trying to do some background research into "the 
development of Internet Studies as a discipline." I first of all told 
her that Internet Studies probably doesn't warrant the term "discipline" 
yet, but that's the sort of answer that doesn't help much. So, does 
anyone know of any resources/readings that detail how Internet Studies 
as a field (if it is such a thing yet) developed, and how Internet 
Studies programs came into being?

Norm Clark
Appalachian State University
(where we do have an Internet Studies major, but it's housed in 
Interdisciplinary Studies, so it doesn't really "count" in some folks 
eyes as a "real" major)

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