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Wed Feb 15 09:52:41 PST 2006

Dear Colleagues,

I am troubled that I cannot email other members directly as I see fit. I
joined the association because I wished to form collegial relationships with
other researchers around the world. This is more than a simple "fear of
spam" issue to me. It goes to a crucial use of the Internet. As the
Cluetrain Manifesto so clearly articulates, the Internet is about unfettered
conversations. This paranoia about abuse actually reflects a systemic
misunderstanding of the subject we are attempting to study.

Clearly you have an opinion about this subject. One way or another, please
email me at my email address wrc at tcfir.org and state your opinion. I intend
to submit the results to the AOIR leadership. I am trying to understand the
policy and your opinion is important.

You have my permission to communicate with me at will. I do not object to
hundreds of emails from my new colleagues!

Reid Cornwell


W. Reid Cornwell Ph.D.
The Center For Internet Research
720.212.0719 (voice)
970.485.5109 (mobile)
wrc at tcfir.org

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