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Maria Elisa Peirano epeirano at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 21 03:50:04 PST 2006

  Dear Air-L members:

  I joined this group a little unsure about my real belonging to it, until
 I got that email asking for help regarding a Phd supervisor. Then I knew
I was in the right place.
My personal situation is one of a kind.
I am an argentinian, living in Argentina in the middle of the farm
(thank God for broadband) and I am conducting my PhD at a distance with
my supervisor who is based in New Zealand. The truth is he has a lot of
faith in me. I did my Master in Management supervised by him while I was in New Zealand. We have been working together during the last year, long distance. I have been marking his students' assignments and sending them back through the net.
This year I am starting my doctorate with the hope of becoming a distance researcher, that's my career choice. I have a baby, she is five months old and she is the reason I want to work like this. My husband and I are convinced that technology nowadays should enable us possibilities our parents never ever dreamed of.
My PhD will be about knowledge creation and communities of practice, my
setting will probably be to study a group of agriculture producers currently working in an organization in Argentina.
I am also looking for funds to afford my studies. It is extremely difficult for me to apply for grants and research funds beacuse being a long distance PhD does not meet most requirements. I'll be paying tuition fees with my marking work, but I will need other source of funds to be able to conduct the study. I thought I'd tell you my story to see if I could get some help or references. Thanks

Maria Elisa Peirano-Vejo

Maria Elisa Peirano de Peluffo
Direccion: Casilla Postal # 105
Carlos Casares - C.P. 6530
Prov. de Buenos Aires
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