[Air-l] Downloading music

Sue Cranmer sue at jcranmer.freeserve.co.uk
Sat Feb 25 05:56:05 PST 2006


Can anyone clarify for me when it's legal/illegal to download music from the
internet. I've just checked out sites like
http://www.mp3musichq.com/me/index.asp?source=guks-03&kw=limewire which say
that it's legal as long as you follow the copyright rules.

I have also read articles saying that some companies are releasing stuff by
up and coming bands for promotional reasons, that is free to download
online. But, the stuff on sites like limewire is more far reaching than just

I had assumed that if you didn't pay for it it was illegal. But having
interviewed many 14 year olds about it this week, this is clearly not their

Thanks for your help.


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