[Air-l] Downloading music... and netlabels

Antina antina74 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 26 06:26:39 PST 2006

Hello everyone,
  for me, Sue, it would be very useful this "compilation" of the informtion about downloading music.
  I'm writing my final thesis about netlabels or online labels, where  musicians upload their music and users can download them for free. The  musicians perform their music live to make a little money.
  I´m still looking for literature about netlabels or online labels...Does anybody know something?
  Antina Michels


Antina Michels   
  Bernhard-Lichtenberg-Str. 20/I  
  10407 Berlin  
  tel/ fax: ++49-(0)30-41 72 32 70  
  mobil: 0173/ 251 38 74
  e-mail: antina.michels at web.de
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