[Air-l] teens and myspace

Bunz, Ulla Ulla.Bunz at comm.fsu.edu
Tue Feb 28 07:22:25 PST 2006

These are college juniors I'm reporting on here, but we had a discussion
about facebook just recently in my class and a number of my students
have reported negative consequences of revealing information in
facebook, such as getting a real-life stalker. It was pretty clear that
to my students (at least those that spoke up) the use of social internet
spaces was clearly determined by how they think of the internet. So,
perception would even be a determinant of action. Also, my students
still report that the quality of online socializing is overall less than
offline (with a few exceptions of students reporting no difference).
These are not study results, but maybe can serve as indicators.
Ulla Bunz

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