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> A new journal:
> An interdisciplinary journal
> Among its collection of journals in the fields of the studies of  
> communication and discourse, Sage, Ltd. (London) will publish a new  
> journal as from 2007 that covers the field between these two  
> disciplines: Discourse & Communication.
> The new journal, edited by veteran journal editor Teun A. van Dijk  
> (Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona), assisted by an international  
> board of prominent experts in discourse analysis and communication  
> studies, aims to publish high quality papers that pay specific  
> attention to the qualitative, discourse analytical approach to  
> issues in communication research. Besides the classical social  
> scientific methods in communication research, such a content  
> analysis and frame analysis, a more explicit study of the  
> structures of discourse (text, talk, images or multimedia messages)  
> allows unprecedented empirical insights into the many phenomena of  
> communication. And since contemporary discourse study is not  
> limited to the account of ‘texts’ or ‘conversation’ alone, but has  
> extended its field to the study of the cognitive, societal,  
> cultural, political and historical ‘contexts’ of discourse, it is  
> also able to be integrated in the broader study of these broader  
> dimensions of communication.
> Discourse & Communication will publish substantial research papers,  
> discussion notes as well as reviews and review articles by women  
> and men from many countries and cultures. Its diversity will also  
> be apparent in the variety of its theories, methods and approaches,  
> thus avoiding the frequent limitation to one school, approach or  
> academic sect. The only criterion will be the quality, the  
> originality and the analytical sophistication of its articles.  
> Moreover, the style of its contributions will avoid unnecessary  
> jargon, and thus make the journal eminently accessible to scholars  
> and students from many disciplines.
> Discourse & Communication specifically addresses readers in any  
> field of communication who are interested in qualitative, discourse  
> analytical approaches, on the one hand, and scholars in discourse  
> studies, linguistics, pragmatics, semiotics and related fields who  
> are interested in issues of communication, on the other hand.
> Discourse & Communication will be published as from 2007, with 4  
> issues per year.
> For submissions and information about editorial policy, write to  
> the Editor: Teun A. van Dijk (journals at discourse-in-society dot  
> org). For subcriptions, consult the website of the publisher  
> www.sagepub.co.uk as soon as there is a webpage for the new journal  
> (probably as from May 2006).
> The (provisional) Board of DISCOURSE & COMMUNICATION
> Members of  the board (under construction) of the new journal are:   
> David Altheide, Mats Alvesson, Karen Lee Ashcraft, Francesca  
> Bargiela, Janet Bavelas, Charles Bazerman, Allan Bell, Vijay K.  
> Bhatia, Donal Carbaugh, Patrick Charaudeau, François Cooren, Nik  
> Coupland, Ling Chen, George Cheney, Stanley Deetz, John Downing,  
> Fred Erickson, Norman Fairclough, Gail Fairhurst, William A.  
> Gamson, Doris Graber, David Grant, Cynthia Hardy, Janet Holmes,  
> Cheris Kramarae, Jay Lemke, Tamar Liebes, Per Linell, Sonia  
> Livingstone, Margaret McLaughlin, Ulrike Meinhof, Dennis Mumby, Sik  
> Hung Ng, Linda Putnam, Cynthia Stohl, Ron Scollon, John Swales,  
> Karen Tracy, Gaye Tuchman, Theo van Leeuwen, Ruth Wodak. Further  
> board members who are experts in this interdisciplinary domain are  
> searched especially in Africa, China, India, Japan, Eastern Europe,  
> Latin America, and the Middle East. Recommendations for new board  
> members will be welcome.
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