[Air-l] DISABLED-FACULTY a new discussion list

Charles Wankel wankelc at optonline.net
Sun Jan 29 09:24:47 PST 2006


I have started a new discussion list for disabled-faculty and those
interested in them as a research topic.  DISABLED-FACULTY will be a place
for networking and exchange of information on the reasonable accommodations
requested by faculty at universities and other higher educational
institutions in which they teach and research. Topics will include
discussions of the legal and social contexts that germane issues are nested
within and specific cases and situations.  This discussion forum is
co-sponsored by the Academy of Management HR, MED and SIM divisions.
However, faculty members from all disciplines are explicitly sought to join

To join go to:

Charles Wankel
wankelc at stjohns.edu 
Disabled-Faculty List Director

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