[Air-l] Reminder - IAMCR Cairo 2006 CP&T Call

Ursula.MAIER-RABLER at sbg.ac.at Ursula.MAIER-RABLER at sbg.ac.at
Mon Jan 16 03:31:47 PST 2006

Hi Jo,

just a short note that I actually plan to go to Cairo and that I also plan to participate more actively in one of the CP&T sessions. I have a paper on a dynamic policy models for culurally senstive ICT policy in the pipeline and a plan to send the abstract within the next few days. Sorry for not meeting the deadline.

Together with my assistant Christiana Hartwig I am doing a study on Internet and (political) Participation of young people in Salzburg. I plan to submitt a paper together with Christiana too.

I hope to send the abstracts tomorrow or on Wednesday.

More late, hope you are fine.


Dr. Ursula Maier-Rabler, ICT&S Center, Universität Salzburg

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