[Air-l] Any opinions about Opinio web survey software

Ulf-Dietrich Reips ureips at genpsy.unizh.ch
Wed Jul 5 02:04:38 PDT 2006

Hi Denise, all,
in my research group we are currently undertaking 
an evaluation of all Web surveying software we 
are aware of. These are about 400 different 
products. We are half way through the evaluation. 
In the first step we boiled down the large number 
of tools to about 30, using three criteria that 
seemed most important to us: freeware or low 
price, platform independence, availability of 
item randomization.

Surveymonkey (now Opinio) is one of the 30, and 
independent from this evaluation we have heard 
many positive reports from users. Also, one of 
the leading Web surveying experts, Dr. Michael 
Bosnjak, recommends it with convincing arguments.

We will continue with our evaluation by applying 
further selection criteria and evaluate and 
experimentally test about 10 tools for use by 
laypeople and experts in Web surveying. And then 
let you know what we found :-)

Best --u
PD Dr. Ulf-Dietrich Reips

	    President, Society for Computers in Psychology (http://scip.ws)
	    Editor, International Journal of 
Internet Science (http://www.ijis.net)
                     Universität Zürich
	    Psychologisches Institut		 
                     Rämistr. 62
	    8001 Zürich, Switzerland

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