[Air-l] Web survey reuse question

'Gail Taylor gdtaylor at uiuc.edu
Thu Jul 6 06:45:37 PDT 2006

I have been following the discussion related to the use of 
the Opinio survey software product. Multiple questions came 
to mind related to the reuse of online questionnaires in 
support of research studies. 

Do you know of any research studies where online 
questionnaires have been reused by researchers other than 
those who developed and validated a particular questionnaire?

Do any of you know validity issues are being addressed by 
researchers when questionnaires that were developed and 
validated using a particular software product are migrated to 
another product? 

Do any of you know whether researchers are charging a fee for 
the reuse of their questionnaires? Does the software producer 
also benefit monetarily from the resale of the questionnaire? 

Do any of you know of any Internet research methodology books 
that directly address these questions? In doing readings in 
this area, I am finding these questions tend to be overlooked 
as the methodologies tend to present information related to 
doing original research as opposed to extending research 
through the replication of previous studies.

~ Gail

Gail D. Taylor, M.Ed.
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Human Resource Education Ph.D. Student
Educational Psychology Teaching Assistant

"We can't just have mainstream behavior
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