[Air-l] One Laptop Per Child

Charlie Lowe cel4145 at cyberdash.com
Wed Jun 7 19:08:46 PDT 2006

Elijah wrote,

> I'm not certain that you can claim that they're technologically inferior 
> to Western technology, as they *are* Western technology.  ;)  I do think I 
> know what you meant, in the other sense of those words, too, and still 
> don't find the argument compelling.
> If we can build a perfectly usable 500Mhz laptop for a hundred bucks that 
> runs the *state of the art* in available software - that is to say, the 
> very same software (or its close kin, modified for the hardware of the 
> laptop) that is on my desktop here in Indiana - what's the use of having a 
> $3k "Western" desktop machine?

I agree. What was interesting was the original post implied that somehow 
these laptops are inferior because they lack a hard drive. While the 
capacity of the drives is somewhat limited, flash drives are the next 
generation storage solution. Pretty cutting edge. At least Samsung thinks so


We might also revise our notion of what "state of the art" software 
means. The developers for the $100 laptop are working to create a very 
user-friendly software environment specifically tailored for the 
classroom. When I read Tom Hoffman and Chris Blizzard's discussion of 
the chat application and the way in which the software will allow 
students to create and share content, I see a machine that may be much 
superior for getting students discussing and collaborating than what 
comes stock from Dell or any of the other computer vendors (for many 
thousand more):


Charlie Lowe

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