[Air-l] subcultures and the internet

Peter Timusk ptimusk at sympatico.ca
Thu Jun 8 02:54:58 PDT 2006

reply below but I think I misunderstand what you are asking for. I am  
more commenting on Western subcultures around the world. But my  
knowledge of Muslim culture is restricted to recently finding out  
about how quotes of Mohamed are attributed by a type of voting system  
I really know nothing about various non western subcultures.

On 8-Jun-06, at 4:37 AM, jespert wrote:

> Dear list members,


> . I am interested in parallel
> cultures, especially in Muslim parallel cultures in Denmark or in  
> other
> western countries growing via the internet, but other examples on how
> subcultures develops and maintain them selves on the internet also  
> have
> my strong interest.
> If you have references for me or other input, on or off list I'll be
> grateful
> Best Regards
> Jesper

I had been pointed to a punk blog from Iran before but can't find it  
right now

This seems to be a German media report about Punks in Indonesia.  
Sorry lacking anything about the net.


Punk must mean quite different things in your own culture than mine.

I have read some of the references posted today to this email  
request. I would recommend them too.

I am interested in the fact of punk rock coming along at the same  
time parallel to the net time vis via cyber punk fiction.

You might check out feminism and music studies as I also think this  
sub field of music also came along about the 1990's at least in punk  
history but therefore net history.


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