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Thu Jun 8 04:59:46 PDT 2006

I am with a federal agency and we utilize online software, visual
conference calls, satellite based training (which is now phone based and
switching to VOIP), we are looking at Living Meeting, and I was just
invited to a meeting where we are using other software. I am finishing
up my dissertation now on Edutainment & Convergence and handhelds like
smart phones, Blackberry's, Nexel walkie talkie/ phones, the iPod,
pocketPCs and the new cell phones/smart phones (like the Korean
versions)that utilize both VOIP and WiFi so that it switches seamlessly
between the technologies when you enter buildings. As a film producer I
have utilized handhelds like the Nextel, IM, message boards/groups like
yahoo, and blogs to create instantaneous feedback. Dr. Taran should be
looking at what her own company (actually the original AT&T since SBC
purchased the name, history, long distance services and gov't contracts
a year ago) is actually doing to compete against Verizon and others. The
chief threat to the telecoms and cable is free/advertiser driven WiFi
schemes that cities like Philadelphia, San Francisco, Portland and
others are rapidly adopting in partnerships with local governments, the
power companies who will utilize BPL to connect consumers, free Internet
content providers who are using WiFi, satellite companies like DirecTV
which is own by a major content provider Newscorp (Fox TV, News, Sports,
FX, 20th Century Fox and numerous print publications) and emerging
wireless technologies. 

These technologies will enable these training and educational tools to
become even more portable and instantaneous. For example, I now utilize
my Nextel to conduct national production trainings and meetings via
direct connect with people in LA, San Antonio or wherever via speaker
phone and pictures can be taken and loaded up via the web and sent to
verify attendance in an audio environment. When I want to address an
entire group, I can go on yahoo groups, Blackboard, my MySpace blog and
have instant feedback. The blogs like eblogger and MySpace are very
effective because I can refer students, fellow professionals to vodcasts
and podcasts while they are reading and responding directly to the
entire friends group and using RSS feeds to send or push future podcasts
from audio messages via GoogleTalk or picture mail or video mail through
Comcast. The hot applications right now are being created for smart
phones and cells phones so that people can text, use IM applications for
voice/text, use picture/text/voice combinations and now video is being
utilized but not on a massive scale like it will be soon. Hollywood and
other content providers are using mobi-sodes so an educator could
utilize this method to show a program via cell phone, get students to
send in voice comments via podcast blogs like eblogger and then respond
via instant messenger directly and generally to the audience via the
blog. The entire class or group would be kept together and expanded via
RSS feeds.

What state is Dr. Tartan located in Texas or New York I am guessing? I
would love to interview her about this topic for my dissertation
research this summer especially if she is in San Antonio or New York. I
would like to help her. If she contacts me directly, I will see if I can
special dispensation to do so from the government. As you know we are
very meticulous these days about our systems, but maybe we can create a
work around for her through a private outlet if there is an issue. My
email address is chris.heidelberg at ssa.gov

Chris A. Heidelberg
Office of Communications, Office of Electronics Services - Internet Team
Motion Picture Producer/Public Affairs Specialist
Social Security Administration Headquarters

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Dear collegues,

A friend of mine Dr. Carmen Taran from Research and Development, AT&T,
has sent me this message.
Can somebody help her?
Many thanks

I am presenting at the ED-MEDIA conference in Florida, on June 26th. I
am looking to invite a few people via Breeze Meeting to speak for about
4-6 minutes about how online meeting software (e.g. WebEx, Live Meeting
equivalent) is used to deliver distance learning. If you are using any
of these tools or something similar for any of your classes and you have
some advice and you are available for 10 minutes in the afternoon on the
26th, please let me know and I will give you more details. The topics my
students are interested in are related to ensuring student participation
when students are at remote sites, scheduling practices, and ideas for
other technologies used in synchronous distance learning besides the
delivery platform. The students in my workshop would welcome a fresh and
experienced voice - so I am looking forward to hearing from those

Carmen Taran
Research and Development

Diana Andone
School of Computing, Mathematics and Information Sciences University of
Brighton W624, Watts Building, Moulsecoomb Brighton
Phone: (+44) 1273 643513
Email: D.M.Andone at brighton.ac.uk

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