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Ted M Coopman coopman at u.washington.edu
Sun Jun 11 16:18:40 PDT 2006

Thanks everyone.

My initial interest was to see if the Indymedia network was overwhelming running out of US servers. It really is tangential to what I'm investigating at this stage, but if the info was there I would use it.

Two things I found on the Netcraft site I can use is the date the website appeared (this seems to be at least semi-acccurate as I checked a few sites I know the roll-out dates of and it was accurate) and the nameserver. So I may not know where the it is, but I do know the server it runs off of.


Ted M. Coopman
Department of Communication
University of Washington

On Sat, 10 Jun 2006, Alex Halavais wrote:

> As earlier responses noted, locating servers is a shaky business, and
> even once you have, it's not clear why it matters in many cases. Until
> recently, my personal website had a server in Hong Kong (IP location)
> managed by a web host in Sofia, the name was registered to a Seattle
> address (whois record), by a Parisian registrar. The only piece of
> locational data in all that which was correct (Buffalo, at the time)
> was the ICBM tags on some of the pages. So, be sure you know what it
> is you are trying to locate, and if the server is really it.
> There are commercial databases of IP address geolocation. These are
> somewhat reliable, some of the time :). You might, for example, play
> with:
> http://www.geobytes.com/IpLocator.htm
> There is an effort at developing a free/open IP location database: not
> quite as complete (~50% correct!), but worth supporting. In fact, if
> AIR-L readers go and hit this database and check to make sure it
> correctly locates your IP address, it would take only a few seconds,
> and help to develop a great public resource:
> http://www.hostip.info
> - Alex
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