[Air-l] Good E-mail skill

"김율오" kimuoylo at naver.com
Sun Jun 11 22:00:54 PDT 2006

Dear My friends.

Hi! Maybe you don't know me.
But don't worry about.
Let me introduce my self to you.
At first I'm South Korean.
And I'm student who is attending the university.
Finally my personality is a trigger-happy man. 
I mean, I love discussion about some topic.    
I'm interested about E-mail. So in this time 
I wanna talk about E-mail.(^.^)
Suddenly I  wander how to interact through the E-mail

So I will give you only two questions.

① Does E-mail help your interaction among the people?

② What is good skill getting the reply as you know from yours experience?

Let's share your views thinking E-mail. 


Youl-O Kim student of university
My mini-homepage : http://www.cyworld.com/iqman
Please join me
새로운 기부 문화의 씨앗, 해피빈

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