[Air-l] <Introduce interesting News about Wibro>

Ellis Godard ellis.godard at csun.edu
Mon Jun 12 09:44:59 PDT 2006

Nilz mentioned:
> or whatnot... in what seems to me not alwayss 
> correct English... maybe it is content and we did 
> not catch the latest posting fashion in the far 
> east or it is plain spam...

I'm surprised that anyone on this list, particularly a German whose messages
(even here) include typos and punctuation errors, would risk stigmatizing
incorrect English by identifying it as an indicator of spam.

I, too, offer humble apologies if the poster(s?) is/are legitimate
inquirers. But what concerned me wasn't the citation of commercial services
(which happens here frequently), or the incorrect Engrish (isn't AOiR trying
to be more international?) but (a) use of the same sentences with varying
FROM headers, and (b) the haphazard mix of perfect sentences ("people even
in remote villages of the world can use telephone and high-speed internet
connections at the same time") with those not quite that ("It can make some
change a paradigm related with phone").


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