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Special Issue of the Electronic Journal of Communication (EJC)
Communicative Ecologies

The concept of ecology has a lot to offer communication research.
Broadly, it refers to the context in which the communication process
occurs. More specifically, we can define a communicative ecology as a
milieu of agents who are connected in various ways by various exchanges.
Our particular interest in the concept stems from our study of people in
particular places with access to many different media. Using an
ecological metaphor opens up a number of interesting possibilities for
analyzing place- based communication (e.g., in neighbourhoods, apartment
buildings, or - on a larger scale - suburbs and cities). It can help us
to better understand the ways social activities are organized, the ways
people define and experience their environments, and the implications
for social order and organization.

We invite the submission of conceptual or empirical (quantitative or
qualitative) work on the theme of communicative ecologies in any
place-based setting. The special issue is scheduled for publication in
mid 2007. Deadline for completed manuscripts: 31 Oct 2006. Submissions
should be electronic (.doc or .rtf format only, please avoid .pdf and
.html). Inquiries about possible topics are welcome. 

For the full call for papers, see
Submissions and inquiries should be directed to the guest editors: 

Professor Greg Hearn
g.hearn at qut.edu.au

Dr Marcus Foth 
Australian Postdoctoral Fellow 
m.foth at qut.edu.au 

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