[Air-l] Boundaries & Learning Re: Korean students

Casey O'Donnell odonnc at rpi.edu
Thu Jun 15 06:58:54 PDT 2006

I most certainly agree.

At the same time, it is interesting to note that Gmail's algorithms saw
these emails as spam as well. While two made it into my inbox, most of the
others did not. So we definitely have a lot to learn in numerous directions.
Not to let ourselves off the hook, but it was not "simply" the wrong list or
impatient readers or anything else, but a combination of things which
resulted in "sanctions."

Casey O'Donnell (Long time lurker)

On 6/14/06, R.Mabry-Hubbard (UMC Student) <ryh352 at mizzou.edu> wrote:
> IMHO, we as social scientist also have something to learn.  We made
> assumptions based on the "face" of the message which led to imposing
> sanctions against the perceived "deviants" by filtering them out as  spam.

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