[Air-l] Request for References to Lit on Virtual Workplaces

Denise N. Rall denrall at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 15 15:32:22 PDT 2006

Dear Pam -

As I recall, some of the earliest work on CSCW was
undertaken at the University of Arizona, Tempe.

These titles came up in my database:

Luff, P., J. Hindmarsh, et al., Eds. (2000). Workplace
Studies: Recovering Work Practice and Informing System
Design. Cambridge, Cambridge Univ Press.

For activity theory and workplaces, and I'm sure she's
written more on this recently:

Nardi, B., Ed. (1996). Context and consciousness:
Activity theory and human-computer interaction.
Cambridge, MA, MIT Press.
Also Paul Dourish, not sure if you are working on that
level. It's pretty much in the vein of CSCW - I
couldn't tell if that's your take on workplaces or
not. Anyway, might be something in it for you:

Dourish, P. (2001). Where the Action Is: The
Foundations of Embodied Interaction. Cambridge, MA,
MIT Press.

Here's an incomplete bibliography that cites his work:
Dourish, P. (2001). Where the Action Is: The
Foundations of Embodied Interaction. Cambridge: MIT
Kutti, K., Harsten, E., Fitzpatrick, G., Dourish, P.,
and Schmidt, K. (2003). Proceedings of the Eighth
European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative
Work ECSCW 2003 (Helsinki, Finland). Dordrecht:
Kluwer. ECSCW. 
journal papers
Dourish, P. (1995). Developing a Reflective Model of
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Visualization-based Approach to Information System
Security. International Journal of Human-Computer
Studies, 63(1-2), 5-

Cheers, Denise


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