[Air-l] 2 children are born

Barry Wellman wellman at chass.utoronto.ca
Fri Jun 16 19:26:52 PDT 2006

Each years in the making:

Jeffrey Boase (mostly) & Barry Wellman, "Personal Relationships: On and
Off the Internet." In _The Cambridge Handbook of Personal Relationships_,
edited by Anita Vangelisti & Daniel Perlman. Cambridge U Press. A nice lit
review in a 900 page book.

Barry Wellman, Emmanuel Koku & Jeremy Hunsinger, "Networking Scholarship"
in Joel Weiss, Jason Nolan & Jeremy Hunsinger, eds. _International
Handbook of Virtual Learning Environments_. 2 vols. 1600 pages. $500. A
rich compendium, including our article summarizing NetLab's scholarly
network research.


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