[Air-l] web2.0 and civic engagement

Kate Raynes-Goldie kate at cdnfilmcentre.com
Mon Jun 19 10:44:16 PDT 2006

Hello aoir-ers!

I'm co-authoring a book chapter on the challenges and benefits of youth
civic engagement using web2.0 technologies.. Basically the idea is that
youth are increasingly expecting their online tools to be interoperable (ie
that your flickr badge will plug into your blogger account)... This poses
challenges for closed online communities (especially those focused around
youth engagement, such as youthnoise and takingitglobal) who want to stay
relevant by using the most up to date technologies but also don't want to
potentially give up power or users by allowing integration with other
services, or even using other services as replacements for their own (ie
using flickr as a photogallery rather than building your own proprietary

Does anyone have any relevant materials we could use to discuss any of these
issues? I'm also curious what all your thoughts are!


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