[Air-l] Americans and social isolation

Deanya Lattimore mdlattim at syr.edu
Fri Jun 23 21:04:44 PDT 2006

The article is being published in the new American Sociological Review. 
  Both JSTOR and IngentaConnect carry ASR.

I'm fairly convinced that the internet is a response to a felt need for 
connection that has been lacking since the 1970s "get an education and 
leave home to get a job far away from anyone and everything you've ever 
known" commuter mentality that I hope has reached its apex.

The internet, in my mind, is a way to reconnect, after years of many of 
us not even knowing our neighbors' names.


On Friday, June 23, 2006, at 10:11 PM, Mark Bell wrote:

> interesting study....sort of. I doubt it even mentions online social
> relationships or concurrent online/rl relationships. It almost sounds 
> to me
> to be from some pro-nuclear family agenda (he golden days in the 50's 
> hen we
> had the Murphy's over to play cards and we actually talked). For 
> instanced
> how many of you would i be contacting in the 80's? I feel more 
> connected
> than ever to people. But then I'm a nerd =)
> Anyone have a copy of the real study?
> On 6/23/06, Richard Forno <rforno at infowarrior.org> wrote:
>> It would be interesting to see how this fits into the whole "being 
>> alone
>> together" argument within a technology context....for example, 
>> someone who
>> doesn't want to be around people but who socializes happily in a 
>> environment or spends hours upon hours on AIM or IRC.

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