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Jung so-hee cleche0126 at msn.com
Sun Jun 11 07:39:08 PDT 2006

my name is So hee, Jung. I live in korea.
I recommend useful program to you.

While surfing the web, you might wonder if you could go back or forward to 
a page that you 
had visited only by using mouse. 
A 5-button type mouse for internet user produced by MS or Logitech has 
buttons functioning 
as back or forward and enables you to surf the web only with the mouse. But 
the mouse most 
of the computer users use is two button type wheel mouse.
Web surfing with the mouse gesture!!

I recommend this program to you.
"Mouse gesture for internet explorer"
<img src="http://www.ysgyfarnog.co.uk/utilities/mousegestures/">

After installing the program, you would see a menu, mouse gesture in the 
tool menu of IE. 
Next thing you would do is to decide details about what function you would 
assign to each 
gestures. (Mouse gesture browsing is available by basic setups without 
changing it.)

Mouse Gestures for Internet Explorer - The Gestures

This email is not concerned with commercial interest.

email : cleche0126 at msn.com

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