[Air-l] special VoIP service in korea

Uoyl-O Kim kimuoylo at naver.com
Mon Jun 12 05:06:49 PDT 2006

Dear all. 
At this time, I introduce Some special service about VoIP of korea. 
KT Corp., the korea's No.1 telecom operator, said yesterday that it will begin a service combining telephone and internet via a global satellite network called INMARSAT. Using the "broadband global area network" service, people even in remote villages of the world can use telephone and high-speed internet connections at the same time. 
So we can contact every people in the world through INMARSAT. 
It can make some change a paradigm related with phone. 
We can be connected by means of this service on the World Wide Web. 

If you want to get more information about KT's VoIP service, 
click this domain. 
And follow this map. 
HOME >Telecom Service >KT Product Maintenance >
KT Internet phone (VoIP) >Overview
Thanks for reading. 

Youl-O Kim student of university 

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