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Ellis Godard ellis.godard at csun.edu
Wed Jun 14 12:41:06 PDT 2006

Nothing wrong with being a German, of course. (I'm Bavarian by birth - born
in Nuremburg and lived in Oberkatasu while my father was stationed in Hof on
the Saale.) I meant German as distinct from English - that is, ESL of any
sort. :)

Bitte, annehmen meine bescheidene entschuldigung - und meine schrecklicher
Deutsche. :)


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> Dear Ellis and other list members,
> just to explain my posting, which seem to have
> irritated you. I was not sure if these postings 
> were spam or legitimate postings by some student, 
> who were not aware of the lists content and the 
> appropriate forms of communication on a list. 
> Because the English was not always correct, I was 
> assuming this, as I thought that plain commercial 
> spam would not contain such mistakes. I did not 
> want to stigmatise anyone. But I have to ask what 
> you Ellis mean by "particularly a German"? Is 
> there any problem with me being German? Or was 
> this a general remark on me not being a native 
> English speaker.
> I hope I watched out for typos in this posting and for
> punctution as well. best wishes nilz
> >I'm surprised that anyone on this list, particularly a German whose
> >messages (even here) include typos and punctuation errors, 
> would risk
> >stigmatizing incorrect English by identifying it as an indicator of
> >spam.
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