[Air-l] regulation of mobile content?

Gerard Goggin gerard.goggin at arts.usyd.edu.au
Wed Jun 21 22:00:41 PDT 2006

Dear air-listers,

I'm currently researching a paper on the regulation of mobile content to 
be presented at AoIR 7.0 (abstract at 

I would be grateful for any information or leads on how different 
countries regulate, censorship, restrict, classify, etc information, 
cultural material, programs, games, etc, delivered via mobile phone and 

And how the regulation of the mobile phone differs/compares to 
regulation regimes for Internet and older media (whether games, print, 

Happy to compile the information also for anyone interested.

Many thanks,

Gerard Goggin


Dr Gerard Goggin
ARC Australian Research Fellow
Editor, 'Media International Australia'
Department of Media and Communications
The University of Sydney
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