[Air-l] email lists was Re: Another Tip Re: Korean students

Peter Timusk ptimusk at sympatico.ca
Tue Jun 13 19:44:10 PDT 2006

Hi I am a student and TA statistics but I think I know at least some  
email list etiquette like an intro. I also tried my peacemaker role  
after suspecting these as spam and brought the commercial soccer post  
back on topic( you can shoot me down here about domain disputes as on  
topic, lol ). May be the student learned from this.

I wonder if English is weak how these students can then follow the  
discussions that result if indeed they would.

thanks I will check these other lists out as may be they are more  
appropriate for me.

This list I find has many conference calls which I must ignore.

That said there are many things here I use including Barry's  
wonderful papers have been an interesting study.


On 13-Jun-06, at 8:59 PM, R.Mabry-Hubbard (UMC Student) wrote:

>> . . . a little dose of social networks and cultural capital...
>> If you repeat this exercise, why not get students to learn how to  
>> make
>> an introduction, ...
> I would add for next time, perhaps use a pedagogical sympathetic  
> group such
> as WWWEDU listserv (Use of the WWW in Education); DIGITALDIVIDE list;
> Ed-Tech list (Educational Technology)
> http://www.edwebproject.org/wwwedu.html
> http://www.digitaldivide.net/community/digitaldivide
> http://www2.h-net.msu.edu/~edweb/
> BTW, I liked your innovative assignment

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