[Air-l] Leet Speak

Gail Taylor gdtaylor at uiuc.edu
Sat May 6 08:33:09 PDT 2006

CNN had a guest this morning who was talking about the manner 
in which sexual predators are using Leet Speak in online 
conversations with children. This information might be of 
interest to those of you who are tracking the migration of 
leet speak from gaming environments to online conversation 
spaces. The person who was a spokesperson from 
pervertedjustice.com which maintains a web site designed to 
deter sexual predators.

Prior to seeing the news story, I wasn't aware of the 
existence of this grassroot organization which is using the 
web site as a way to gather information to assist law 
enforcement agencies in identifying and arresting suspects. 
The information in the FAQ is quite interesting. There is 
information indicating this  organization has been dragged 
into court on several occasions by citizens concerned with 
civil liberty violations. 

Interesting site from a lot of different angles.

-- Gail

Gail D. Taylor, M.Ed.
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