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> Everyday eBay: Culture, Collecting, and Desire
> Edited by Ken Hillis and Michael Petit with Nathan
> Epley
> Routledge, April 2006
> Everyday eBay is the first book-length scholarly
> analysis of eBay that 
> examines how the site has become a global social,
> cultural, and economic 
> phenomenon.  The nineteen interdisciplinary essays
> in the volume approach 
> eBay from a wide variety of disciplinary
> perspectives, revealing how the 
> auction site has become a bellwether of taste and
> material culture, a 
> research tool, a nexus for the increasingly
> ubiquitous practice of selling 
> and buying goods online, and a neoliberal
> facilitator of global 
> consumerism.
> Ken Hillis is Associate Professor of Media Studies
> at the University of 
> North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Certainly we have bellwether on e-bay -

but are we seeing a rather more pervasive phenomenon -
the following definition from financial markets (this
from ANZ Bank, for example: Bellwether (from the sheep
which leads the flock) a barometer. Financial markets
commentators speak of a particular bond being the
bellwether stock, meaning that movements in its price
are indicative of the mood or health of the market in
general) - of a term being used entirely out of

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