[Air-l] Online graffiti

David Low low at aanet.com.au
Mon May 15 23:05:36 PDT 2006

Jimmy Wales wrote

>Grafitti would include:
>1. Simple vandalism, with malicious intent (fuck you!)
>2. Simple vandalism, with political intent (fuck george bush!)
>3. attempts at insider humor (poking fun at wikipedians, wikipedians
>poking fun at ourselves)
>4. trolling

Hi, I am new to this list......I joined to learn more about methods 
for researching the internet and the topics researched at 
present.  Today is my first day of subscription and I have already 
learnt quite a bit.  I am interested in graffiti on the internet and 
did not know what trolling was.  Having just read the very 
interesting Wikipedia definition, I agree with Jimmy that this should 
be included.  Does anyone else have some insight into graffiti on the 
internet...articles, places to look, etc?

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