[Air-l] citing web pages

Michael Zimmer michael.zimmer at nyu.edu
Mon May 22 20:26:35 PDT 2006

Hi everyone - hate to post such a mundane question, but I could use  
some feedback on citing websites.

I frequently quote text from FAQs, Privacy Policies, login screens,  
etc from sites such as Google or Yahoo. When citing pages such as  
these, should they be referenced individually as if they are like any  
Internet document (inline citation as well as a full record in the  
bibliography)? My concern here is that one can rack up quite an  
extensive list if each individual page from a FAQ, for example, needs  
to be fully cited.

Or, is it acceptable just to footnote the URL and leave it at that?

(I tend to use APA)


Michael T. Zimmer
  Doctoral Candidate, Culture and Communication, New York University
  Student Fellow, Information Law Institute, NYU Law School
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