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Caroline Haythornthwaite haythorn at uiuc.edu
Wed May 24 11:11:19 PDT 2006

You can find some statistics on ownership of laptops, PDAs, etc. in a recent 
Educause study which looks at IT use in the classroom. 

You can see the options for downloading the report here:


Data is fom 2005, and they have just finished a 2006 study but that's not 
available yet.


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>Hi All,
>Does anyone know the research on students using laptops in college 
>classrooms? Some of my undergrad students found in a survey that 50% of 
>the students in the sample said they would not use a laptop in class if 
>the Internet was not available. 50% said they only brought laptops to 
>class for entertainment purposes. (Not sure how the individuals 
>overlaps in each case, but have asked the students to do that 
>I'd like to follow up and find out about any larger surveys/qualitative 
>studies on this topic.
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