[Air-l] The korea's special programs for The 2006 Germany World Cup

"최미나" hwinna28 at naver.com
Fri May 26 16:42:59 PDT 2006

Dear. All My name is mi-na choi. The 2006 Germany World Cup is coming us soon. Because of the World Cup, The Korea’s companies are preparing for special programs. First of all, Internet portals is going to relay the games and ‘cyber a group meeting’. For example, Duam communications provides us with ‘Near Live’ service. ‘Near Live’ service means that after games finished, soon users can looks at the game movies in the Internet web. And, Yahoo korea and Never portals will provide us with a various of programs. Aren’t you looking forward to The 2006 Germany World Cup already? Let’s enjoy the world cup with the many Internet sites! Thank for reading.Mi-na Choi, Yeungnam University student. Mail: hwinna28 at naver.com

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