[Air-l] allocution, consultation, conversion and registration on the internet

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The full citation of the original work for the Bordewijk & Van Kaam model is:

Bordewijk, J.L. & Van Kaam, B. (1982). Allocutie: 
enkele gedachten over communicatievrijheid in een 
bekabeld land. [Allocution. Thoughts on 
communication freedom in a cabled country.] Baarn: Bosch & Keuning.

The central idea of this model is described in an 
English-language journal publication:

Bordewijk, J.L., & Kaam, B. (1986). Towards a new 
clasification of tele-information services. Intermedia, 14 (1): 16-21.

Regarding the definitions of the terms in the 
model, including registration, these are described by McQuail, pp. 56-68, in:
McQuail, D. (1994). Mass communication theory. 
2nd ed 1987; reprinted 1994. London: Sage.

This last reference provides, by the way, the 
best substantive discussion of the model that is available.

Nick Jankowski

At 05:19 PM 5/26/2006, you wrote:
>Can you give me full citation of Bordewijk & Van 
>Kaam (1982) and Van Dyk as well. I am creating a 
>training module for a national government 
>Internet team. I am trying to explain this 
>change as being driven in part by convergence 
>and sociology. I may also use it in my dissertation.
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>Subject: [Air-l] allocution, 
>consultation,conversion and registration on the internet
>Doing research about communication online, the 
>model of information-flow of Bordewijk & Van 
>Kaam (1982) (Van Dyk has based his model on this 
>one) seems to be very popular to show the change 
>of the communication pattern from allocution to consultation and conversation.
>So far, I'm in.
>My question is for those who know this model 
>well: what's the exact definition of the 
>'registration' pattern and could you give an example?
>Is RSS or google-alerts an example of registration?
>Thanx for the help in advance!
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