[Air-l] (no subject)

Mary-Helen Ward mhward at usyd.edu.au
Thu Nov 2 20:54:31 PST 2006

Do you mean "How do I begin to research what the internet is?" or "How 
do I research how people use the internet?" Or "How do I do research 
using the internet as a tool?" Or maybe something else entirely.

As you may have gathered already, this is not a small or simple field. 
There are many aspects to the term 'internet researcher'. You might want 
to think about what it is about the internet you want to find out - e.g. 
what your research areas/questions/discipline/interests are.


Vanessa Gonzalez wrote:

>how can i get started in becoming an internet researcher?  I am very new to 
>all of this.

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