[Air-l] Reactions to PhD blogs at conference

Jean Burgess je.burgess at qut.edu.au
Sun Oct 1 20:31:22 PDT 2006

Mary and other list members,

I'm really interested in hearing more about the reactions you  
mention. The complexity of various emotions and performances of the  
self tied up in all of this is, of course, what that particular paper  
was about.

But anyway, just to jump in with a bit of background and disclaimer  
info, I was the organiser of that panel, and I'm also the one who  
shouted out "it's not funny!" from down the front.  But my faux  
protest, like the "word count obsession" post which people were  
laughing at,  was a kind of wry joke in itself, at least in part.   
That post from my own blog is here: http://creativitymachine.net/ 

For those who weren't at that session and are interested in this  
topic, or who were there and didn't catch the URL, there is a post at  
Mel's blog which should guide you into the discussion: http:// 


Jean Burgess

Centre of Excellence in Creative Industries and Innovation
Queensland University of Technology

On 02/10/2006, at 12:22 PM, Mary-Helen Ward wrote:

> Hi all
> I was in the session at the conference on Friday when Mel Gregg
> showed some screen shots of blogs that are kept by academics and by
> PhD candidates. I was quite surprised at the reactions in the room -
> a lot of people laughed at the things that were blogged by the PhD
> students, and even when someone sitting near the front called out
> "It's not funny!" the laughter continued. I also thought that I
> discerned some anger  - or some other strong emotion - around me
> (near the back).
> I'm doing a PhD on the process of doing a PhD, with a group of
> blogging candidates (myself included), so I was very interested in
> these reactions. Unfortunately I had to leave to catch a flight
> before that group of papers had finished so I couldn't ask any of the
> people in the room why they had reacted that way to the screenshots.
> I'd be really interested if anyone who was there could reflect on
> those reactions - either here on the list or privately if you think
> that might be more appropriate.
> Thanks in advance
> M-H
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