[Air-l] AI and psychology

Todd Papke sabulatodd at mac.com
Thu Oct 12 07:43:40 PDT 2006

I'm a graduate student at The University of Iowa doing research in  
social impacts (futuristic) of Artificial Intelligence.

I'm looking for writings that look at the psychological and cultural  
impacts that AI will have.
I'm imagining a society where Information Technology is highly  
ubiquitous- in fact I'm assuming the distinct probability that we  
will have traversed the man/machine molecular biological boundaries  
necessary so that we are transparently and homogeneously integrated  
with our technology by that time.  I think that that is a necessary  
sociological precursor to a true "AI" event that will result in a  
machine that is capable of desire and (obviously) being capable of  
passing the infamous "Turning Test".

The question that I want to address is the impact upon society from a  
cultural and psychological perspective that this event will have.   
It's somewhat post-humanist, but I'm wondering if anyone has looked  
at this phenomena analogically and metaphorically against modern and  
postmodern social theory.

Any reading suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Todd Papke

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