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The Journal of Information Technology & Politics (JITP) seeks high-quality
manuscripts on the challenges and opportunities presented by information
technology in politics and government.  The primary objectives of the
journal are to promote a better understanding of how evolving information
technologies interact with political and governmental processes and outcomes
at many levels, to encourage the development of governmental and political
processes that employ IT in novel and interesting ways, and to foster the
development of new information technology tools and theories that can
capture, analyze, and report on these developments.


Submission Guidelines
Manuscripts should have significant theoretical and empirical roots,
preferably in both political science and IT, but should at least contain
significant content in both areas.  We are particularly interested in
manuscripts in three areas: how information technology (IT) influences
politics and government; how politics and government influence the
development and use of IT; and how IT can be, or is being, used to advance
research and teaching about politics and government, particularly in
political science.

JITP welcomes and strongly encourages submissions based on interdisciplinary
approaches including (but not limited to) information and computer sciences,
law, geography, communications, economics, and sociology. We anticipate
publishing articles on e-government, as well as applications of information
technology in campaigns, elections, and public sector management. Other
articles will examine the political economy of IT and governance of the
Internet. We also anticipate publishing articles on forms of citizen
interaction with government, from web logs ("blogs") at the "net-roots" to
hyperlinked transnational social movements.  Finally, we are interested how
technology developments are advancing political science research and


Submission Types
JITP accepts a variety of manuscripts. Please review the descriptions below
and identify the submission type best suited to your intended submission.

Research Paper (20-40 pages)
Research papers are theoretically driven, focusing on an intersection of
politics and IT and reporting substantial findings.

Policy Viewpoints (10-20 pages)
Policy Viewpoints explore competing perspectives in an ITP policy debate
that are informed by academic research.

Teaching Innovation (8-15 pages)
Teaching Innovation articles explore creative uses of information technology
tools to improve student learning in political science and other related
fields.  Tutorials and papers that evaluate the effectiveness of technology
tools improving learning both are welcome.

Workbench Note (8-12 pages)
Workbench Notes present a brief introduction and evaluation of one or more
novel ITP tools developed to gain analytical leverage over political
processes, or to advance political science instruction.

Review Essay (10-20 pages)
An original theoretically guided essay linking three or more related recent
books to an important ITP subject area.

Book Reviews (3-6 pages)
A review of a book, or other book-length document, such as a government or
foundation report.

JITP offers uses a fully electronic submission and review process and aims
to provide reiews within 60 days of the original submission. You can submit
manuscripts online at:


If you have questions or comments, please let me know.

~Stuart Shulman

Dr. Stuart W. Shulman
Assistant Professor
School of Information Sciences
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University Center for Social and Urban Research
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Editor, Journal of Information Technology and Politics

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