[Air-l] Reactions to language in CMC

Lauren M. Squires lauren.squires at gmail.com
Tue Oct 24 12:08:22 PDT 2006

Dear list,

I am searching for some discussions online (in interactive formats
like message boards, blog comments, forums, listserv archives, etc.)
that include opinions/judgments about the language used in CMC - often
referred to as "netspeak," "AOLspeak," "chatspeak," "IM language,"
"internet slang," etc.  In particular, threads or posts that contain
readers' reactions to media accounts of such phenomena (popularly
including terms like "LOL," "BRB," emoticons, punctuation practices,
failure to capitalize, etc.).  I am interested in what the media
accounts themselves say, but I am MORE interested in other people's
reactions to what they are reading about (i.e., "People who use
emoticons are _______" or "LOL is so _____").  For instance, here are
two response threads to an article earlier this year published in a
campus newspaper:



If anyone has other examples of these kinds of discussions, I would be
grateful for links. Thanks in advance.


ps - Also, a while ago I asked for recommendations of listings of
internet-related conferences, and I failed to properly thank my
respondents.  Thanks to everyonen who responded (with apologies for my

lauren m. squires
  lx: http://polyglotconspiracy.net
  cmc: http://sociocmc.blogspot.com

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