[Air-l] Reactions to PhD blogs at conference

Pamela Rosengren psrosengren at optusnet.com.au
Tue Oct 3 18:45:52 PDT 2006

Mary, Denise and other AoIR-ers

I was another one who laughed during Mel's presentation. I was also  
one who was interviewed for Jean's Flickr presentation and am glad  
she picked someone else's family room to illustrate how we Flickr  
folks live. ;) (She did take a photo of mine.)

Knowing that was Jean's blog with the word count obsession post,  
knowing her sense of humour, and knowing she is due to submit her  
thesis shortly, I happily laughed and kept laughing even when she  
said "it's not funny". Jean is also an editor and would be enforcing  
word counts for other people all the time, so there is that side of  
it too.

I agree with Denise's comment about the fonts. They can be so  
expressive. Clancy Ratliff's "Culture Cat" blog on Rhetoric and  
Feminism used to have a wonderful retro font called "Beauty School  
Dropout" for the title. (I'm into fonts so I know things like that.)  
I don't know why Clancy changed it. (Culture Cat is no longer a PhD  
blog so Mel didn't present it this time.)

Mary it is a pity you had to catch that flight and couldn't be there  
for the whole session. It was the liveliest session of all that I  
went to, and afterwards as we broke up into conversational groups to  
leave the room, the pitch of the conversation was more like a party  
than a conference. I don't think there was any animosity.


Pamela Rosengren
Graduate Student, Internet Studies, Curtin University of Technology

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