[Air-l] ICT's Timeline: thanks and first draft

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One thing I've appreciated more viscerally since moving to England a  
dozen years ago - technology histories really vary depending on  
geographic space, at least on the personal level.  I wouldn't be  
surprised to find this true with Jeremy's population of journalists,  
but I'm not sure what area of the world he's talking about. I had the  
impression it was France but could be wrong. Burmese country code on  
his email is not very enlightening since given the current political  
situation it seems unlikely he's there - but I bet they have a VERY  
different ICT timeline.


On 12 Oct 2006, at 04:44, Julian Hopkins wrote:

> Hello Jeremy,
> I'm surprised you don't include the Sinclair ZX80 (see e.g.
> http://www.oldcomputers.net/zx80.html ) in your timeline - I may be  
> mistaken
> but I think it was the first 'PC' that was cheap enough to go  
> straight into
> the average household - the ZX81 had more of a mass market and then  
> it was
> followed by the Spectrum.
> I remember playing my first computer game on a ZX81, and using them in
> school too :)
> On the database question - I would say that yes they have to be  
> considered.
> However a database is in essence just a list of things - which must  
> have
> been around ever since the first sapiens tried to tell someone  
> about their
> favourite gathering spots :) So how and why (or if) they become  
> something
> exclusively 'IT' I don't know.
> Mark Poster deals with the significance of databases in a Foucauldian
> manner: Poster, Mark.  The Second Media Age. Cambridge: Polity  
> Press; 1995.
> Regards,
> Julian
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> Dear all !
> Firstly, I would like to thank readers who have taken some of their  
> time to
> answer my question about ICT's Timeline.  Lots of suggestions were  
> very
> usefull.
> Now I would like to present the first draft I made since I manages  
> to catch
> a first wave of dates and ideas.  To view it, feel free to click on  
> that
> link <http://dev.ulb.ac.be/%7Ejdepauw/telecharger/EN_timeline- 
> TIC.pdf>. I
> think that my info are still too "computer oriented" but by the  
> way, I am
> not sure there is so much other fields of innovation for my  
> question. I
> translated it very quickly and the layout is still to be improved.
> My new motivation is here to ask for an advice : should I consider the
> history of "databases" as relevant in my reflection and should I  
> link it to
> the developpement of on-line ressources ? (which I couldn't take into
> account yet)
> -- 
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