[Air-l] defending yourself online vs. offline research

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Oct 13 17:48:39 PDT 2006

This isn't much of a contribution here, but I've been attacked for my work 
on nettime. It turned into a mess and I had to leave the list. The gory 
details are under the general rubric of 'gender and you' in the archives.
The Net can seem hateful at times; it's surprising how fast things can 
turn this way

- Alan

On Fri, 13 Oct 2006, Bunz, Ulla wrote:

> The posts on trolling and whether it's taking place and who is the troll or not has made me wonder about something. My personal experience says that someone accused of something they perceive as negative (whether it's trolling, lying, stealing, cheating, aggressiveness, or anything else so long as you personally feel it's negative and unjustified) usually tends to feel the urge to defend him or herself. Different people experience this urge to different degrees. Some can "swallow" more than others and rather not drag out the unpleasantness by talking about it, even if they stand wrongly accused in their own perspective. Others will fight back and go to extremes to clear their name. Most of us fall somewhere in between.
> Here my question: Is there research that looks at how the interaction medium affects such behavior? Meaning, are we more or less likely to tend towards one of the two extremes described above because we're interacting online as opposed to offline? I know there is research on flaming (both the early one that said there's more flaming online than offline, and the later one that mitigated that statement somewhat). There is the hyperpersonal model on social anxiety being reduced online. But is there research that looks at whether we're more or less likely to defend ourselves online as opposed to offline?
> Curious in Tallahassee,
> Ulla
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