[Air-l] Practical bon log application advice

Nicole B Ellison nellison at msu.edu
Wed Oct 18 19:18:24 PDT 2006

Apropos of this thread, let me put in a plug for a web-based resource my 
colleagues and I have developed which focuses on blogging in the classroom: 
http://blogsforlearning.msu.edu. Actually, I should say “are developing” 
as we’re still adding features and content. The goal of Blogs For Learning 
is to provide a place to exchange information about the pedagogical and 
technical aspects of instructional blogging. Currently the site contains a 
set of tutorials, articles (case studies, informational pieces, etc.)  and a 
blog. Although this particular question hasn’t been addressed yet, I think 
the site may be helpful for addressing other questions that may arise. And 
for those on the list who have used blogs in an educational capacity: If 
you’d be interested in contributing to the site, please contact me 

Re: Chris’ query: I think the comments so far have been helpful. For my 
own part, I’ve used Blogger and WordPress in my courses, and prefer 
Wordpress. I did have a tech person who installed it, so I can’t speak to 
the complexity of that process.  Installing Blogger on a university server 
as Tama suggests may have addressed some of the problems I had, as would 
creating a group blog. 

Good luck! And have fun.
Nicole Ellison, PhD
Asst. Professor,
Dept. of Telecommunication, Information Studies, and Media
Michigan State University 

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